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Secure Browser for BES12


Secure Browser for BES12 is a secure browser that gives you quick access to your organization’s intranet from your Android phone or tablet, without a separate VPN connection. Secure Browser is for Android devices integrated with your organization’s enterprise mobility management platform, BES12 by BlackBerry (or BES10) and Secure Work Space. If installed, the Secure Browser for BES12 will replace the Secure Browser within the BlackBerry Secure Work Space and will provide an enhanced and more secure browsing environment.Secure Browser for BES12 enables:• Streamlined mobile access to your organization’s protected online resources, such as your corporate intranet, without a separate VPN connection• Secure intranet browsing through BlackBerry Secure Global Network
IMPORTANT NOTE: Secure Browser for BES12 requires an active account in BES12 or BES10 (enterprise mobility management platform) and Secure Work Space by BlackBerry. Please check with your organization’s mobility experts before downloading this app. Secure Browser for BES12 will not run unless your organization uses a compatible version of BES to manage mobile devices, apps and content.
This app does not support Android Nougat.